Our Programs

Motel Homeless Program "Project Love"

Inspire International’s attention and resources currently focuses on a homelessness prevention program through a partnership with the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities. Families that are prequalified by the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities are identified for services and contacted by our team of dedicated case managers. 

We served over 300 families with young children and those facing mental health illness per year to find and fund affordable housing options. Some of the financial assistance include, but are not limited to, assistance with rental deposits, utilities, rental payments, food assistance, household furnishing, and clothing. We are seeking individual, business, and governmental grants to expand that service offering by 20% within the next five years because the need for affordable housing options have increased due to the economic expansions of Metro-Atlanta. 

Project Love

In collaboration with the  United Way of Greater Atlanta, we provide move-in funds for families residing in hotels/motels located in South Fulton to move into permanent housing.

Featured with Rochelle Bell, Executive Director (left), is one of the clients that benefited from "Project Love".

Educational Resource Development


While actively servicing clients find affordable housing options, we noticed a number of these children require tremendous educational support and resources to compete in this dynamic technology driven era. Inspire’s afterschool tutoring program will be first launched at extended stay motels. We will tailor an afterschool tutoring program that responds to academic weaknesses in the areas of reading, math, science and technology through collaboration between schools, family, juvenile justice system, and community stakeholders.

In addition to the educational support programs, we will implement a nutritional food program.  This will ensure that young children and families won’t have to decide between eating and paying rent. 

As a precursor to the implementation of our Educational Resource Development program, in 2017, Inspire hosted a holiday party for needy families with young children and those facing substance abuse. Through the generosity of community partners like the United Way of Greater Atlanta and individual donors and volunteers, we provided over 25 families at a Motel 6 in Clayton County with food, toys and educational supplies. It was this event that confirmed the urgent need to have an educational program that would not only nourish young minds but also their body with a nutritional dinner. 

The goal of the Educational Resource Development program is to help the greatest possible number of impoverished children lead healthy lives, stay in school, and become independent, productive adults. As we aid the younger generation in achieving these goals, we hope to inspire change in the entire family.

Legal Advocate Program in Partnership with CASA

 Inspire International is a volunteer organization under the leadership of the Executive Director for the Clayton County Court (CASA). Inspire is an advocate for abused and neglected children who require assistance in reuniting with family members as well as placement in safe and loving homes.